Sunday, 10 February 2008

Still trying to get to grips with all the digital arts malarky. Seems it's a really wrist saver having a tablet rather than drawing with a mouse. They say you should always try to draw from life, that's obviously a problem if you're sat between four walls all the time.

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Vess said...

Hiya ben - luve ur apple! I swear by a tablet - if you can get one you should - I got a large A4+ one from Aldi I think it was for about £20 so keep an eye open in Aldi and Lidol as they are very cheap and very good - Medion i think. They're pressure sensative you see so you can get the diff stroke weights. Anywho, back to the grindstone - i'm trying to teach myself advanced HTML/XML/CSS coding and its blowing my mind!!! :D Lou x